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possible resident >> welcome back. it's 5:24 let's make it. the obama administration may not be in such a hurry to close the prison at quantanamo bay after all. congressman leon penetta said that get moe is probably where osama bin laden and other senior al-queda leaders would be taken if they're captured alive. this is the first acknowledgement that the controversial prison might be used to hold future detainees. other officials added the president is committed to closing the prison and the long-time critic called the statements very disturbing. >> the father of the so-called american taliban john walker lynn continues to strongly defend his son. franklin spoke to law students yesterday. he said his son was wrongly branded as a terrorist by the u.s. government and as a trader by the american media. lynch says the military and bush administration botched his son's case from the movement he was captured in afghanistan in late 2001. >> the honorable thing for this -- the smart thing for the government of the united states to do when they find a kid who's fluent in arabic wh
is a registered sex offender. >> good news for projects in president obama's new budget. it sets aside hundreds of millions for subway and bart's san jose extension. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco to crunch the number and talk more about what would still prevent the money from getting here. >> i'm here about a block from union square. the construction is already underway and the news that the muni got yesterday from washington was very good news indeed. hundreds of millions of bucks for this $1.6 billion project. take a look at some muni transportation agency animation what it's going to look like when it's all done. it's going to be a link from 4th street near i-80 all the way to chinatown, much underground and going under union square. the president's budget has $200 million for this project, another $700 million in federal funding to follow they believe. that's going to be completed in 2018. bringing bart to san jose, the warm spring station had its ground breaking in the fall of 2009. more ground breaking projects now that presiden
of the damage done. >> bay area tech leaders are getting set to welcome president obama tonight to the bay area. they're having dinner with him as part of his plan to spotlight education and innovation. jenelle wang is live in the news room with more, including some of the big names who will be breaking bread with the president. jeannette? >> just to let you know, i am not one of those people this is is a quick trip for president obama. he will fly in to attend an intimate dinner at a private location with bay area hi-tech executives. the white house has not released the official guest list yet but there are reports they include mark zuckerberg and google's ceo eric schmidt. these are many of the same executives that met with president obama in washington back in december to discuss job creation. this trip will also be focusing on jobs as well as innovation and education. it's not a fund-raising trip like many of his previous visits. has last visit in october included a $30,000 a head political fund-raiser at the home of google's vice president. this is the president's 8th official visit to cal
hospital. >> president obama is waking up in the bay area after meeting with influential silicon valley ceo's and one is about to become even more influential thanks to an appointment by the president. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo where air force i will soon be taking off. terry? >> anonymous sources are saying whether there's an appointment to be made. this is intel president and ceo paul odallini. he's going to be named to the council of jobs and competitiveness. he's not always supportive of the president's policies. take a look at the president arriving out here at sfo yesterday afternoon. lieutenant governor gavin newsom was on hand. the president took off for a business meeting and dinner. the president going to woodside estate capitalist john door and other heavy hitters. the guests including apple ceo steve jobs, google ceo eric schmidt, oracle's larry ellison, yahoo's carol bartz. all to talk about jobs in hi-tech and green tech. >> as a country if we could figure out a way to build programs and support systems to encourage people to go into engineering and reward them accordingl
protestors and the obama administration is calling for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down sooner than later. i'll have a live report. >> a good friday morning to you. a live look from emeryville. the clear and cool conditions that await you this morning but unlike last weekend i have sunshine, dry weather and above average temperatures. how long they'll last. >> a pretty good ride this friday morning. no trouble 680 walnut creek but a couple close spots, one in san jose. details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. friday. doesn't that sound nice. 6:01. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a day of departure where hundreds of thousands of egyptian protestors have now converged on the heart of cairo which they hope will be the last big push to oust their president from office. jenelle following the developments more than a week now. >> the obama administration is pushing for two things this morning, number one, to have the egyptian government to announce a concrete tangible transition of power to calm the protestors and number two no violence by either side. prot
president obama signed an act last month prohibiting the u.s. to pay for the relocation of cleared detainees. in the end berkeley's resolution did not get the five votes needed to pass. >> it is 6:07. teachers and staff in the district may get the letter everyone degrees. their jobs are on the line. jenelle wang is live in the news room. it all comes down to money. >> yes, it does. it may have to use its last resort, a teacher layoff. in a statement, tony smith says california's budget prices makes them have to make tough choices. through all this we will do our best to mitigate the impact on children. state law requires stool districts to warn employees they might be laid off by march 15th. unknown how many letters will be mailed but the oakland superintendent says it's significant. the district plans to notify principals and managers they might be reassigned to a new position in the fall. even though jerry brown did not cut funding in the state budget, the schools are still struggling. oakland made due because of one-time funds but those factors no longer exist. districts across the state
. >> the turman is the 17th ship to be pulled from sassoon bay. the obama administration plans to pull three more by december 30th. >> the unemployment rate fell or stayed about the same in most of the nation's largest metro areas at the end of 2010. nine of the ten areas with the highest rates of unemployment are right here in california. el centro in southern california had the highest jobless rate in the country at 28.3%. uba city was third, yousaid was 4th. nationwide lincoln, nebraska, had the lowest jobless rate at 3.5%. >> 6:07. big heads up on market street in san francisco between 15th and castro, the street is closed because of those two fires going on and frances is getting more information at this second. >> let's check the forecast right now, see what mike has for us. >> the winds are relatively calm, especially for san francisco. if it was in the summer, they'd be blowing like crazy and causing problems for those firefighters. good morning to you. fremont, you're the only city that's reporting warmer temperatures than yesterday. everybody's at least 2 degrees cooler in mountain view
found out yesterday that president obama is including some money, big money for the central subway project. take a look at muni transportation agency animation of the finished connection linking 4th street near i-80 here in san francisco to chinatown. going right under union square. the president's budget has $200 million for this $1.6 billion budget. and, again, the project's entire length is 1.7 miles. they hope to have it hope in 2018. news for the south bay, too, for construction news there. bringing bart to san jose. the warm spring station had its ground breaking last fall. more ground breaking expected now that president obama's budget clues $139 million for the project to get bart down to san jose and that's just this year. monday the federal transportation administration approved $900 million for that project virtually guarantying the full federal funding for the project. but the gop has been critical of the president, very fierce criticism of the president's plan and they are vowing to cut where they are and transportation would be one possibility. live in san francisco,
council failed to pass a controversy version. president obama signed an act last month prohibiting the u.s. to clear detainees. berkeley's resolution did not get the five votes needed to pass. >> mount diablo members met last night with residents to talk about another school closure option. last week district officials agreed to close glenbrook middle and holebrook elementary. a third school is on the shopping block. it would save the district $1.5 million a year. they could close either westwood or silverwood elementary. the board expects to take a vote next tuesday. >> governor brown is opposing a freeze. the only exceptions are public safety and patient care jobs. governor brown's order prohibits the hiring of outside contractors to do the work. brown is trying to close a $25 billion deficit and shave $350 million in operational expenses out of the budget. >> and bart's board of directors is expected to start negotiating today with dorothy dugard about her likely exit as head of the transit system. the chronicle reports the boards support vises surprised everybody last week when they
after two days of violence while the obama administration turns up the diplomatic pressure. jenelle, you have the latest? >> we just got word president obama is going to take questions from reporters around noon today to talk about the unrest in egypt. meanwhile anti-government protestors are vowing to stage the largest and most intense demonstrations today. let's take a live picture from cairo. you can see tens of thousands of people gathering in the square. they plan to fill every square and mosque in the city today demanding egyptian president hosni mubarak step down immediately after three years in power. the military continues to conduct checkpoints to make sure people are unarmed and the egyptian vice president promised the army would not turn on those protestors. they are in talks with officials to have president murabark and turn over the government headed by the vice president. the white house said egypt should be focusing on preparing for free and fair elections later this year. but speaking exclusive to abc, president mubarak plans to stay in power until the elections in septe
. the event is from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.. we have the details under "7 on your side.." >> president obama will hire karl shapiro, a professor of business and economics. he's currently on leave while working for the department of justice. >> construction is scheduled to start next week on the smart corridors project. it will allow officials to reroute traffic and help advisors to help gridlock. they say the $25 million state-funded project includes new cameras, electronic signs sensors on city streets around highway 101 in san mateo highway 380 and whipple avenue in redwood city. the work will begin in san mateo but the rest of the 14-mile project could face delays next month because of the state's budget crisis. >> for millions of people sleeping through the night is a struggle that can cause serious health problems. sleep apnea people stop breathing putting them at risk for memory problems. doctors are testing a new way to treat the disorder. carolyn johnson shows us. >> for peter helm falling into bed rarely meant falling asleep. at least not for l
obama. mississippi governor hayley barber was extremely critical of president obama saying his economic policies have been more hostile to job creation than any other administration. >> now, after his policies have contributed to unemployment rates stood at 9 plus percent for almost two years, suddenly president obama and the democrats are paying lip service to job creation, except this time they call their spending investments rather than stimulus. >> barber is considering a run for president but so far no republican has officially launched a 2012 campaign. tomorrow the obama administration will least their budget plan and expect projects, high speed rail that benefits california. president obama wants $53 billion for high-speed rail over the next three years. california plans to build 800 miles of track between san francisco, san jose, bakersfield, l.a. and orange county. the stimulus already provided $8 billion for high-speed rail but republicans are trying to revoke $2.5 billion of that. well, it still feels pretty nice out there this morning but i understand -- you're shaking your
legislation. president obama has threatened to veto. the deadline for congress to agree to some sort of funding measure is march 4th. after that mark matthews says the government could shut down. >> they want to start with $61 billion this year. >> we are taking the first step intacteling our unsustainable debt and preserving our economic strength for future generations. >> when jackie speier described it a bit differently. >> the silly, the dangerous and hypocritical. >> instead of passing a budget for 2011, the president says he will veto republican cuts and that sets up a showdown. when this country acts, money will run out in little more than two weeks, the first government shutdown since president obama clinton and newton beginning given squared off in 1995. >> they remember they tried that strategy and it failed. and they realized that coming up 2012 they need the center voters. they don't want to lose the center voters. republicans in the house are split. newcomers with ties to the tea party are pushing for the big cuts and threatening a showdown. but it's more show than anyth
the majority voted to expand the healthcare coverage. president obama threatened a veto. argued the law will explode healthcare spending and our economic recovery. >> 6:46 now. president obama's state of the union pledge about electric cars is not likely to happen. >> bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live for the morning's "moneyscope" report. good morning, jane. >> good morning. you know president obama's goal on putting a million plug-in electric cars on the road within four years. report out today says probably not gonna happen. a study from indiana university says the number will be closer to 800,000 because interest in plug-in vehicles is pretty much limited to affluent car buyers. ford announcing auto production at some point assembly plant in march, ohio, chicago coming to a screeching halt because of all the severe weather there and making for a quieter day here at the exchange. a lot of people not being able to ice-skate all the way into work this morning. we have light volume so far but not by much. the dow, s & p and nasdaq trading down about 2 or 3 points or so and the
into israel. security remains tight while the obama administration uses diplomatic channels to pressure egyptian president hosni mubarak to make a quick exit. they want to hand over power to a transitional government until elections can be held. a missing google executive has become the spokesman of the youth of rising in egypt. he disappeared last thursday when he joined the initially protests in cairo. his family believes he's in the custody of government officials. lillian kim has more. >> in cairo streets peaceful protestors took back control. tens of thousands of egyptians gathered to pray. president obama wanted peace. >> will not be resolved by violence and oppression. >> despite the calmer atmosphere, concern is mounting for the google executive. he's head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. he took part in the protests from the very beginning but hasn't been seen or heard from since january 27th. he's believe to be in the custody of the egyptian government. former google employee of mountain view worked with goni two years ago. >> i don't have a very high opinion
promised by the vice president it's still not clear when mubarak will step down. president obama talked about developments on fox news before the superbowl. >> you have to start a transition now. mubarak has decided not to run for reelection next year. you get all the groups and make them make a process for an orderly transition and meaningful transition. >> there is concern what the role of the muslim brotherhood will play in the new government. >> at least one more hearing is expected in iran for two of the u.c. berkeley grads being detained. s shane bauer and josh fattal pled not guilty and sarah shourd also pleaded guilty in absentia. no one from the outside was allowed inside the court but their supporters in the bay area remain hopeful. >> we don't know enough about the system. the fact that they have a court date. they are acknowledging it publicly. >> shourd was released last september and was ordered to return for the trial but did not go back. she reiterated in a new 25 minute file they did not intend to cross the border. >> newly released records shows that pg&e boosted the p
but will remain in his homeland of egypt until the day he dies. president obama spoke with him about 30 minutes after he made that speech. >> an orderly transition must be meaningful, peaceful and it must begin now. >> furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of egyptian voices and opposition parties. >> meanwhile at the cairo airport, thousands of people still trying to get out of the country. egypt air, the national carrier continues to cancel flights because the crews are not showing up for work, many too worried about leaving their families. we will bring the latest at 6:00. live from the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> we'll keep checking back with you. thanks. disturbing news about gas line safety in the bay area. pg&e says it's repaired nearly a couple dozen pipelines since the san bruno explosion but the discovery of problems and the lack of discovery of documents are causing new concerns. amy is live in south san francisco it tell us more. >> south san francisco the location of three of those leaks. pg&e was ordered to examine its lines after the san bruno explos
obama delivers three options to congress today outlining the future of fannie mae and freddie mac. blockbuster is reportedly planning to put itself up for sale after failing to reach a deal to exit bankruptcy protection. the chain could sell for more than $300 million. and lines were shorter than expected for the verizon i-phone. internet presales and the weather seem to have affected turnout and sales will hit 1 million by sunday. >> the restaurant chain that claims to serve the last honest pizza is having money problems. roundtable p pizza has filed for bankruptcy. it lists debts ranging from 10 to $50 million in assets in about the same range. roundtable is not shutting down. the owners say most of the chain's 483 restaurants will not be affected by the bankruptcy filing but they say some locations could eventually be forced to close. >> a consumer group is accusing google accepting deceptive ads to cheat homeowners from their money. they want to investigate google's ad policies. the group demands google be more vigilant in its ads screening and wants the money generated by the
the president will step down. president obama talked about developments on fox news before the superbowl. >> you have to start a transition now, mubarak has decided he is not running for reelection, his term is up this year. what we said let's make sure you get all the groups together in egypt, let the people make a determination what is the process for an orderly transition but one that is meaningful transition. >> there is concern in washington about the role that a group known as the muslim brotherhood will play in the new government. they were outlawed when mubarak took office. >> tsa is investigating a security breach at san francisco international airport. officials say around 1:30 yesterday airport employees noticed a suspicious person in the area of the terminal and they should not have access to. they chose not shut the terminal down tsa is not saying whether they were arrested. >> san francisco could soon have a walk of fame like the one in hollywood but this would have a twist. a group of merchants and residents have chosen the first 20 names for san francisco's rainbow honor wake. na
very much. 5:03 this friday morning. president obama is waking up here in the bay area this morning after meeting yesterday with some of silicon valley's top ceo's as he prepares to leave, there's word one of those business leaders is in line for an influential job with the administration. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo where air force i is parked. the ceo not somebody that always agrees with the president. >> you're absolutely right. before i tell you about that i want to give you a gift. you want to take a look at air force i? i bet you do. zoom in on it across the water from where we are standing at sfo. the appointment is intel ceo president paul odalini. he's going to be asked by the president to join the president's council on jobs and competitiveness on the table last night. take a look at the president as he arrived out here at sfo. he was met by lieutenant governor gavin newsom, lieutenant general carmella harris, ed lee and then he headed over to get down to bills at the woodside estate adventure capitalist john door. it was a din
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minister is apologizing for the attacks by egyptian president obama -- egyptian president hosni mubarak. yesterday for several hours both sides threw rocks, bottles and fire bombs at each other. at least five people were killed. more than 800 were injured. mubarak supporters threatened journalists on the scene. >> why? >> because you half american. >> you hate us. >> yes. they have you. >> anti-government protestors are still forcing egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down by tomorrow setting up more violence today. >> extra police patrols on bart trains. a grant from the transportation security administration will cover the cost of eight bart police officers. they're assigned to patrol trains on critical routes, including ones that run in the trans bay tube where terrorists could do the most damage. >> they're able to focus all their attention on that rather than being responsible for a patrol beat as well, answering calls, parking lots, those type of things. >> knowing you might be protected. >> the officers are especially trained to prevent a terror attack. the tsa's funding, a
sponsored by the obama administration runs from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the san jose convention center. we have the details on our website abc7news.com under "7 on your side." >> it's 6:15 now. san jose state is planning a major upgrade of its athletic facilities. five separate upgrade projects will be privately funded and built on land on the south campus owned by the csu system. the upgrades include a $10 million football complex, a state of the art scoreboard inside the stadium and new football practice fields. they hope to break ground after the 20 -- 2011 season. >> thousands of flopping seagulls have been making it their home since september. neighbors, however, aren't too fond of the uninvited guests saying the birds get into fights and drop a lot of -- they are looking at options to evict the birds. if you've ever seen the movie. we don't have phone booths. >> at least they're not canadian geese either. >> they're vicious. no phone booth to hide in with the snow coming down in either. >> better have an umbrella or just a warm fire at home to watch the event. the way it looks februa
to chant leave, leave! president obama issued a written statement saying we urge the egyptian government to move swiftly to explain the changes and to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy. the white house statement did not mention president mubarak by name and said egyptian people have made it clear there's no going back to the way things were. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> a very big day for a big cruise liner. splendor is scheduled to set sail from san francisco this morning after undergoing two weeks' worth of major repairs. a fire in the engine room back in november left the splendor adrift at sea without power or communications. 4500 passengers and crew members were stuck at sea for three days. food, water and medical assistance had to be flown in before the ship was towed to shore. san francisco had the only die drok big enough to accommodate repairs. >> cruise ships known for their lavish buffets but they had spam and -- >> they got a credit, right? >> they did. >> go on another cruise. >> mike, they beat the ra
and it answers the question who might take over and it's not one of the ceo's who toasted with president obama and steve jobs last week. the times article talks about apple's dynamic leaders, people you probably never heard of. they've got chief operating officer tim cook. they have ron johnson who is overseas 300 plus apple stores. eddie queue, vice president of internet services, a host of leaders. they say do not worry about the company. they understand people's concerns about steve jobs' health but the health of the company, they say don't worry about it. it is not one person, it is a whole lot of people and very talented people running the show at apple. terry mcsweeney. >> san jose police are asking the public for information on a fatal car crash that happened near a high school last night. the car slammed into a light pole killing the 18-year-old passenger and sending the 18-year-old driver to the hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries. the accident happened about 7:00 last night. neighbors heard the impact and called police. investigators are hoping any possible witnesses w
and president obama and other heavy hitters in the high-tech community here in silicon valley raising a toast. this did nothing to alleviate concerns even though it shows him out and about. today shareholders will vote on a resolution forcing the apple board to unveil its plans on who's going to be in charge if jobs is gone for good. they want to see if jobs' leaving is going to be -- how they're going to deal with it if in fact he is not going to be coming back. now, next week in san francisco a new i-pad is going to be unveiled. there's question about whether steve jobs is going to make an appearance there. how much does that matter. analysts are saying there's no need for concern because apple is ready to move forward with or without steve jobs although he has been the face of this company for many, many years now. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> hard to imagine apple without steve jobs. >> we'll be covering that story. you can find the latest on abc7news.com later today. right now we wanna talk about what everyone's wondering when is the snow going to
and his wife victoria are on the list as are kanye west and elton john. the obamas are not. they said that's not unusual because it's not a state event. 6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30, the mysterious item that brought out the bomb squad. the tv news tagged while trying to recover a memorial and it's all caught on video. a california yacht and crew in the hands of somali pirates. while many warn the pirates may be the ones in real danger. >> should tax dollars go to building a new stadium for 49ers. santa clara officials say, yes, they have to or there won't be a new stadium. the fight for money coming up. >> and here's a live look at some of the airport delays. minneapolis, chicago, new york due to the snow and the rain. our flight tracker will have specific flighththththththththtq lysol believes no toilet is complete until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the waterline to kill 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. for t
. in washington president obama has signed an executive order freezing the u.s. assets of libyan leader moammer gadhafi and four of his children. he says the sanctions are necessary because it poses an extraordinary threat to u.s. national security. in tripoli, gunfire from rooftop militiamen, protestors being killed. the space shuttle discovery will do aerobatics before docking with the international space station. 10:00 this morning our time the shuttle will do a nose over tail jab flip when it gets below the station. as it moves closer, managers say they don't expect to see any significant damage to the shuttle's tile underside. during liftoff four pieces of foam did come loose but nasa thinks they occurred at times when they wouldn't have struck the shuttle with great force. the images taken later this morning will be reviewed before discovery gets a final clean bill of health. that's expected to take until tomorrow. california drivers stuck waiting for their licenses to renew now have 90 days to use a temporary license. the dmv made that announcement after acknowledging the problems they'r
. the city of berkeley may be ready to help the obama administration with one of its thorniest problems. the city council will vote next week on a resolution to invite two detainees from quantanamo bay to move to town. one a russian ballet dancer, the other an alengineerian chef and both considered of wrongdoing. a new federal law discourages these offers plus says berkeley has enough trouble already. >> the first credit union to fail in 2011. seized oakland municipal credit union. they have not noticed much of a difference. western federal will take over operations. >> a very scary situation all caught on video. you'll want to watch closely. this was what drivers on i-5 in san diego saw last friday. as you can see that white truck is driving the wrong way on the freeway and as drivers swerved to avoid it, the worst happens. >> oh! oh, my god! yeah! >> so the 13-year-old driver of that -- excuse me, the 83-year-old driver of that wrong-way truck hit a guardrail ripping the truck in traffic f half and causing the other three vehicles to crash. incredibly, incredibly no one involved was s
unemployment. nearly 25%. president obama's cairo speech in 2009 persuaded some of this nation's hi-tech ceo's to begin a concerted outreach. otam attended this conference for egyptian entrepreneurs in october and he's hoping the move to launch start-ups will survive the current upheaval. >> to some extent business unusual but still continuing. we are going to have to slow down until but the month of june, make sure the states are safe. the banks are closed in egypt. but i think it's a very short hiccup to a big opportunity that lies between the egyptian people and the rest of the world. >> he believes more hi-tech companies should evaluate the market once stability is restored. egyptian native and ceo constant teen debalanis says it's his personal mission to help bring about change. >> one single start-up can promulgate through the entire egyptian opportunity landscape. i believe that in my heart. >> and that ceo talked about what he called hope with a dash of desperation that he sees in the younger generation pushing for entrepreneurial opportunities. that's backed up by a united nations r
! >> president obama praised the protestors for their peaceful message. >> the moral force of nonviolence, not terrorism, not mindless killing. >>> the cooling executive who organized the first protest using facebook.com as millions of egyptians joined him in celebration. his cousin called him from san francisco. >> everyone is celebrating. >> can you describe it? >> celebrating. i have to go, i have to go. >> take care. best of luck. >> sure. >> so this is the boy that actually launched this. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> we talked to an egyptian professor who was in the square just after mubarak resigned. he's the chair of the history department at the american university in cairo. he marched with other professors to the square and later took images of the jubilant celebrations. the professor says he believes the revolution in egypt will inspire millions of people across the middle east to stand up against oppression. >> i think now what they're seeing are the people of the region, if i think the government has to be responsive to them, the activation and the demands. >> the professor d
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